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Body Treatments That Detoxify, Activate, and Purify

Cryothermic Body Wrap $90

Encourage your body's natural slimming process with this intensely active body wrap.  You'll enjoy the dual sensation of invigorating heat and revitalizing cooling energies as Cryothermic Body Gel activates your microcirculation.

Saltglow $70

Aromatic Dead Sea salts and nourishing essential oils are used to resurface the skin.Your choice of essential oil to customize your experience. 

Spa Tech Algae Body Wrap $120

Aids in hormonal and metabolic balance and helps ride the body of heavy metals. Detoxifies the body, tones, smooths, and purifies the skin. Laminaria Digitata sea algae from the earth’s purest Arctic ocean beds is featured in this treatment. We begin with gentle body brushing to exfoliate the skin and help stimulate circulation. Next, soothing seaweed paste is applied with gentle nurturing massage-like strokes from neck to toe. Then, snugly cocoon-wrapped, you are free to drop deeply into the ocean of your subconscious. At the end of your session you are escorted to a warm shower followed by and an invigorating application of seaweed body toning mist.

How to Contact Us

Whether you’re feeling lethargic or you want to detoxify your body from the natural buildup of heavy metals and in need of our Spa Tech Algae Body Wrap, The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek is the spa to visit.  With all Body Wraps your body will be wrapped in an infrared body blanket.  To book an appointment, please call us at 910-483-0186 today! Our friendly staff is waiting to provide excellent service to meet your needs.