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Massages That Melt Stress and Soothe Soreness

Swedish Massage (60 Minutes) $60, (90 minutes) $95

A classic massage, promoting relaxation and easing tension. Gentle movements by the therapist help you relax while your muscle tension practically melts away.

Aromatherapy Massage (60 Minutes) $65, (90 minutes) $100

Specifically diagnosed essential oils are massaged into your skin. This custom treatment can calm, revitalize and heal while it improves circulation and releases toxins.

Sports Massage (60 Minutes) $65, (90 minutes) $100

Whether you're a weekend warrior or professional athlete, you deserve a sports massage. Designed for all types of athletes, a sports massage can help you to optimize performance or recover from a previous sports injury.

Deep Tissue Massage (60 Minutes) $70, (90 minutes) $105

Our deep tissue massage (aka: deep muscle massage) is given with slow strokes and deep finger pressure on your specific muscle areas and specific aches.

30 Minute Massage $45

30 minutes targets specific problem areas providing a quick fix.

Tension Tamer (30 Minutes) $45

Hot Stone Massage (60 Minutes) $90, (90 minutes) $125

Specialty massage using heated smooth river stones promotes deep relaxation and helps restore a calm mind and feeling of well-being. Heated stones are applied to specific points on the spine to enhance and improve energy flow.

Couple's Massage (60 Minutes) $140, (90 minutes) $200

Ready to relieve the mounting stresses of the day. A couples massage is the perfect mini getaway for two. You'll both relax in a private room while our therapists provide a relaxing massage.

Pregnancy Massage (26 Weeks and Beyond) (60 Minutes) $75, (90 minutes) $110

Pregnancy massage is designed to relieve muscular tension and structural discomforts, enhances body awareness and offers emotional support to reduce anxiety & stress.

Sanctuary Signature Integrated Massage (60 Minutes) $70, (90 minutes) $105

Integrated massage is a personalized session utilizing different techniques based on the receiver's needs. Soothing heat, application of needed hot stones, and aromatherapy are added at no extra charge.

Cupping available for all massages for an additional $15

Exfoliating Foot Scrub available for all massages for an additional $15

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The Sanctuary at Cedar Creek in the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Fayetteville, NC provides superior massage services at accessible prices. Let our expert professionals, with years of combined industry experience and training, knead your sore muscles, relieving the tension in both your body and mind.

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